Overview E-Services  

ECT offers all kind of services for deepsea, container, feeder, barge and rail operators. The services are divided into different categories, like orders, reports and tracking & tracing.

More information
By clicking on a modality in the left menu you can see the e-services ECT offers for the selected modality. By clicking on a specific e-service you can find more information about the e-service, s.a. how to use the service and how to authorise.

Public/non public services
Some services are public services and visible for all users. These are the services Container Status, Object Status and Terminal Overview. You can find them under menu ‘Tracing’ at the homepage of ECT.nl and also after logging in in menu ‘My Services’ under ‘Tracking & tracing’.

For other services, like Customer Blockade Order or 24 Hours Reports, you have to be registered to ECT.nl. After logging in you can request for authorisation for a specific service. The request for authorisation will be send to a customer service coordinator which will be handling your request. After you have be granted for a service and logged in you can find the service in the menu ‘My Services’.

If you are registered and logged in you can see also services, like Reference Code Lists Callsigns and Object Status Alert. These are services you do not have to authorise for and are only available for registered users.

ECT offers also SMS-services like SMS Object Status and SMS Container Status, but also SMS Release Order. Read more

If you have any questions or the information is not clear enough please contact us by mail webmaster@ect.nl.