ECT Delta Terminal 

Situated on the Maasvlakte right by the North Sea, the ECT Delta Terminal offers an unequalled water depth (-16.65 metres NAP). Even the largest container ships of 10,000 TEU and more can berth at the ECT Delta Terminal 24 hours a day. A vessel coming in from the North Sea can be at the quay in no time. Quay cranes have a reach up to 22 containers.

Efficiency and speed
Terminal operations are highly automated. Consequently, the ECT Delta Terminal is exceptionally well suited to discharging and loading large volumes – without compromising on flexibility.Read more
Proven Technology
At the ECT Delta Terminal unmanned, automated guided vehicles – so-called AGVs – transport the containers between ship and stack. In the stack, unmanned automated stacking cranes (ASCs) ensure that the containers are always stacked in the correct place.Read more
Gateway to Europe
Thanks to the water depth ans its strategic location, many shipping lines have chosen the ECT delta Terminal as both their first and last European port of call. Read more
Rail Facilities
The ECT Delta Terminal has it own state-of-the-art rail facilities. Read more
Other services
The Delta Terminal offers various additional services, s.a. Delta Reefer Care and Special Cargo. Read more
Delta Barge Feeder Terminal
As of 2009, feeders and barges are to have their own dedicated terminal within the ECT Delta complex at the Maasvlakte.Read more
Europahaven / Amazonehaven
Total area 265 ha  
Quay length 3,6 km  
Depth Max. 16,6 m  
Inland shipping
Total area 7,2 ha  
Quay length 0,37 km  
3 inland shipping cranes    
*Part of the inland ships is being handled at the deep-sea quay, another part at the inland shipping terminal.
Total area 18 ha  
4 rail cranes    
36 container cranes
2 inland shipping cranes at deep-sea quay
38 straddle carriers
28 multi trailer tractors
145 multi trailer trains
9 terminal tractors
3 reach stackers
265 automated guided vehicles (AGV)
137 automated stacking cranes (ASC)
3.250 reefer connections
ECT Delta Barge Feeder Terminal
Total area 7,5 ha  
Quay length 0,8 km  
Depth 10-11 m  
Barge/feeder cranes 3