E-services Change 1st of June 2013 

28th of May 2013  Rotterdam 

Dear user,

As previously announced from Saturday the 1st of June new procedures with regard to ECT’s E-services will take effect. The new procedures have the following implications:

- It will no longer be possible to have a multiple login on the same E-service account. When a second login is performed  by the same account,  existing sessions will be lost. If an account is shared with colleagues at this moment, please register a new (personal) account.

- E-services accounts which have not been used for 90 days will automatically be deactivated. The account can be reactivated by calling ECT’s ICT Servicedesk: +31181278658

Furthermore, as of the 1st of June, the way of retrieving a new password will be optimized. If a request for a new password is made, the requestor will receive an email with a link to the E-service login screen where the new password can be entered. Obviously the email (containing the link) will only be sent to the registered mailadress of the account owner.
Kind regards,

Webmaster ECT