Load/discharge Object Detail lists 

This service shows you the load/discharge container list per object (vessel or train) sorted per container operator for the terminals of ECT in Rotterdam.

To get this service you have to request for authorisation for the service ’Load/discharge Object Detail Lists’ and a specific object operator code. Herefor you have to be registered to ECT.nl.
After requesting for authorisation the request will be send to the specific object operator and he/she will be handling your request. If you have been authorised by the object operator a mail will be send to you.

After you are authorised and logged in you can find this service under menu ‘My services’ and then ‘Reports’.

You can make your own selection to obtain the information you are interested in, by means of the following items:

  • Object operator
  • Object
  • Load/discharge

The standard selection for the chosen lists is: all object operators (you are authorized for), all objects and all load/discharge lists.

A load or discharge object detail list will be automatically created by the terminal system after the object has been administratively completed. Within one hour after creation the file will be available at the internet server.

After making the selection and clicking at the ‘Go’ button the following data wil be displayed (with sorting options via the arrow blocks):

Object operator Operator of object
Object ECT object code
Loa/dis Load or discharge
Cust.voynr. Customer voyagenumber of object
ECT voynr. ECT voyagenumber of object
Term ECT terminal name
Creation date/time Creation date and time of the load or discharge list
Remarks Kind of report

By clicking a list, the selected list will be shown for the ECT-Delta/Euromax terminals in PDF* format and for the ECT-City terminal in HTML format.

*PDF Format (Adobe Acrobat Reader) 
This format enables you to 'leaf through' the file as if it was actually on your desk. To use this option, you may have to install the Acrobat Reader software, which you can get at the Adobe Internet site.
Click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader

After making the selection and clicking at the ‘Go’ button the following data wil be displayed (with sorting options via the arrow blocks):

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Select "Preferences" Select "Preferences"
Select "General" Select "General"
In the "Options" portion of this dialog box, ensure that the "x" beside "Web Browser Integration" is not clicked. In the "Preferences" dialog box, under the "Web Options" category, ensure that the "x" beside "Display PDF in Browser" is not clicked.

After you have followed these instructions, when you are using your browser and click on a hyperlink to a .pdf document, it will open in a separate window.