Acceptance Order 

With this service you can send an acceptance order to the ECT-Delta terminal or ECT-Euromax terminal of Rotterdam for one of more of your containers.

To get this service you have to request for authorisation for the service ’Acceptance Order’ and a specific container operator code.

After you are authorised and logged in you can find this service under menu ‘My services’ and then ‘Orders’.

To submit an acceptance order to ECT the following items have to be filled in:

  • Container operator code
  • Object name
  • Voyage number
  • Continental / Export

After that you can add a container list to the acceptance order with one of the following items:

  • Number of containers (default at 1; only used if number of containers has the same details)
  • Container prefix/number
  • SizeType (mandatory)
  • Total Container Weight (mandatory)
  • Full/empty (mandatory)
  • First port of discharge (mandatory)
  • Acceptance reference number (mandatory)
  • Offstandard details
  • IMO/UN details (max. of 9 IMO codes and UN numbers)
  • Reefer details
  • Goods details (max. of 9 goods descriptions)

You can increase your acceptance reference number automatically by placing a "*" in the number. For example: 1*RTMDUS -> 11RTMDUS, 12RTMDUS etc. or 123RTMX* -> 123RTM1, 123RTM2 etc.)

With the ‘Add’ button you can add these container details to the container list. You have the posssiblity to edit of delete these container details.

Use the 'Submit' button to submit the acceptance order to ECT. The acceptance order will be send in Edifact format to ECT and will be handled by our EDI Message Handling Software. After submitting the fields below the line will be empty and you can submit a new acceptance order. You can always reset your form by clicking at the 'Reset' button.

To add more then one container at the same time use the Multiple button, enter the following items into the input list and click at "Add":

  • Container prefix (mandatory)
  • Container number (mandatory)
  • SizeType (mandatory)
  • Full/empty (mandatory)
  • Total weight
  • Port of discharge
  • Acceptance reference number

The container prefix must always be four characters (add spaces if not). Use a space as delimiter between fields. You can also fill in the sizetype, full/empty (F or E) and total container weigth in the form before. The sizetype, full/empty and total container weigth will be added to the containers of the input list. It is also possible to copy a list of containers of your system and paste them into the input container list.