Release Order 

With this service you can send a release order to a terminal of ECT in Rotterdam for one or more of your import containers.

To get this service you have to request for authorisation for the service ’Release Order’ and a specific container operator code. Herefor you have to be registered to
After requesting for authorisation the request will be send to the specific container operator and he/she will be handling your request. If you have been authorised by the container operator a mail will be send to you.

After you are authorised and logged in you can find this service under menu ‘My services’ and then ‘Orders’.

To submit a release order to ECT the following items have to be filled in:

  • Container operator code
  • Full/empty indicator
  • Ultimate release date (please notice that the release order will be expired after the ultimate release date)
  • Mode of transport (unknown, truck, barge or rail)

After that you can add a container list to the release order with the following items:

  • Container prefix and number
  • Release number (automatically filled with container prefix and number)

You must always fill in a release number. The release number can be unique or non-unique.

Unique An unique release number for each container release order. Instead of using an unique release number you also can use the container prefix and number.
Non-unique A release number for more than one container release order. The combination non-unique release number and container prefix/number will be used to release the container.

Use the 'Submit' button to submit the release order to ECT. ECT confirms the order by showing a reference id. After submitting the fields container prefix/number and release number will be empty and you can submit a new release order.

To fill in more than one container at the same time fill in all other fields except container prefix/number and release number and press the ‘Multiple’ button. Default the release number will always be containerprefix and number. Changes are possible by the ‘Edit’ button.

  • Container prefix
  • Container number
  • Release number
The container prefix must always be four characters long (add spaces if it is not).You can add a space between container prefix and container number, must is not necessary. You must add a space between container number and release number. If you do not add a release number default the release number will be the container prefix and number. If you use a spreadsheet use a column for your container prefix and number (or one column for prefix and one for number) and a column for the release number. Make a selection of your columns and copy/paste it into the ECT form.

To process your container list press the ‘OK’ button. For each release order you will get a confirmation if the order has been accepted or not.

Release Order Overview
You can print a summary of your release orders received via internet with the service Release Order Overview.