Container Status Inland Carrier Export 

This service shows you the current status of one or more bookings at the terminals of ECT by entering a container operator code, booking number, sizetype. By entering one or more container prefix/numbers at the same time you can also check if the container is known for one of the bookings.

To get this service you have to request for authorisation for the service ‘Container Status Inland Carrier’. Herefor you have to be registered to
After requesting for authorisation the request will be send to ECT and will be handled within a couple of days. If you have been authorised a mail will be send to you.

After you are authorised and logged in you can find this service under menu ‘My services’ and then ‘Tracking & tracing’.

You can make your own selection to obtain the information you are interested in, by means of the following items:

  • Operator code
  • Booking number
  • Sizetype
  • Container prefix/number (not mandatory)

After making the selection and pushing the ‘Go’ button the following data will be displayed (with sorting options via the arrow blocks):

  • Operator code
  • Booking number
  • Sizetype
  • F/E (full/empty)
  • Remark booking (see for more information below)
  • Qty/Rcv/Book (total number of containers in booking/received number of containers for booking/number of containers still to come)
  • Cargo opening time (approximately 9 days before ETA of object)
  • Container
  • Remark container (see for more information below)

Remark booking
The following booking status will be shown in the field ‘Remark booking’:

Booking is present ‘Booking exists’
Booking is not present ‘Booking not found’
Booking is present, but sizetype is not correct ‘Invalid sizetype’
Booking is present and complete ‘Booking complete’
Booking is present and container is known in booking 'Booking exists, container booked'

If the booking is complete a mail button will be shown where you can mail the container operator.

Remark container
The following status will be shown in in the field ‘Remark booking’:

After making the selection and pushing the Go button the following data wil be displayed (with sorting options via the arrow blocks):

Container is known in booking Status of container (expected/present/departed)
Container is not known in booking ‘Unknown’

Multiple button
You can get information for more then one bookings and more then one containers by using the ‘Multiple’ button. Fill in for each booking the operatorcode, bookingnr, sizetype, container prefix/nr (not mandatory) and terminal (not mandatory) and click at the ‘Go’ button. You can ask for information for max. 100 bookings.