Customer Blockade Order 

With this service you can block (by customer or off-hire) one or more of your containers at the terminals of ECT in Rotterdam.

To get this service you have to request for authorisation for the service ’Customer Blockade Order’ and a specific container operator code. Herefor you have to be registered to
After requesting for authorisation the request will be send to the specific container operator and he/she will be handling your request. If you have been authorised by the container operator a mail will be send to you.

After you are authorised and logged in you can find this service under menu ‘My services’ and then ‘Orders’.

Fill in the prefix and number of your container and click at the ‘Go’ button to see if the container is already blocked by customer.
The following details will be shown of your container:

Checkbox Block
Checkbox Unblock (per blockade reason)
Blockade reason

To block a container select a blockade code, select a container by clicking at the checkbox Block and then click at the button ‘Submit’.
To block more then one container at the same time select a blockade code, click at button ‘Select Block All’ and then click at button ‘Submit’.

To unblock a container select a container by clicking at the checkbox Unblock of the specific blockade reason and then click at the button ‘Submit’.
To unblock more then one container at the same time click at button ‘Select Unblock All’ and then button ‘Submit’.

Block queue
After blocking or unblocking a container a block or unblock order will be placed in the block queue. Every 15 minutes all the containers (connected with block/unblock orders) will be checked if they are present or not. If present, the container will be blocked/unblocked and if not the order stays in the block queue. After 30 days the block/unblock order will be expired and therefor removed from the block queue.

To find more than one container blockade status click at the button Multiple. A window will appear where you can paste your list with containers and click at the button Go. The container list must contain the following fields:

Container prefix
Container number

The container prefix must always be four characters long (add spaces if it is not). You can add a space between container prefix and container number, this is not necessary. You must add a space between the other fields.