Document Order Overview 

With this service you can see which document orders are send to the ECT terminals.

You will get this service automatically if you are authorised for the service ‘Document Order Import’. To get this service you have to request for authorisation for the service ’Document Order Import’ and a specific container operator code. Herefor you have to be registered to
After requesting for authorisation the request will be send to the specific container operator and he/she will be handling your request. If you have been authorised by the container operator a mail will be send to you.

After you are authorised and logged in you can find the service ‘Document Order Import’ under menu ‘My services’ and then ‘Orders’ and ‘Document Order Overview’ under menu category ‘Orders Overviews’.

You can make your own selection to obtain the information you are interested in, by means of the following items (in dutch):

  • Container prefix/number
  • Document Number
  • Date/time from
  • Date/time till
  • Company
  • Status (received/processed/cancelled/deleted/expired)

After making the selection and clicking the ‘Go’ button the following data will be displayed (with sorting options via the arrow blocks):

  • Container prefix/number
  • Document number
  • Status
  • Terminal
  • Company
  • Modification date/time
  • Creation date
By clicking on a document number or container you can see more detail information.

Document Order queue
After submitting a document order the order will be placed in the document order queue.
Every 15 minutes all the document orders will be checked if the container of the order is present or not. If present the container the document type and number will add to the container in the terminal system and if not the order stays in the document order queue. After 20 days the document order will be expired and therefor removed from the document order queue. You will get a mail when the document order is expired or rejected.