With this service you can find the mastercode of a specific operatorname.

You can find this service after been registered and logged in under menu ‘My services’ and then ‘Reference Code Lists’. There is no authorisation needed.

You can make your own selection to obtain the information you are interested in, by means of the following items:

  • Mastercode
  • Operatorname
  • Modality (deepsea, shortsea, barge and rail)

The standard selection is: all mastercodes, operator names and modality.

After making the selection and clicking the ‘Go’ button the following data will be displayed (with sorting options via the arrow blocks):

  • Mastercode
  • Operatorname
  • Modality - Deepsea/Shortsea/Barge/Rail

Get all
With the button ‘Get All’ you can get a list of all mastercodes and details in a comma-separated file. You can save this file at your own directory.