FAQ - ECT e-services 

EDI e-services 

You can use the following EDI messages to send container information to ECT:

Acceptance order: Coparn 12 D95B Ediland or Coparn 12 D95B ITIGG
Release guideline order: Coparn 12 D95B Ediland or Coparn 12 D95B ITIGG
Release order: Coreor 12 D95B Ediland
Pickup/delivery order: Copino 12 D95B Ediland or Copino 12 D95B ITIGG
Discharge/load order: Coprar D95B
Bayplan: Baplie 1.5 or Baplie 2.1 D95B
Stowage instructions: Movins 2.0 D95B
Vessel schedule information:       IFTSAI D00B

You can also get container information from ECT by EDI messages:

Container arrival/departure: Coarri 12 D95B                                                 
Container gate in/out: Codeco 12 D95B
Confirmation message: Aperak D96B
Billing message: Invoice D00B

Click at a EDI-message link to see the user manual of the selected EDI message.

See for the user manuals of the EDI messages of ECT the answer of question ‘Which EDI e-services offers ECT’. For more overall information about EDI-messages see www.smdg.org menu item ‘Documents’.

You can send EDI messages to ECT by e-mail or by FTP connection. Please contact the ECT Servicedesk by phone during office hours +31 181 27 8073 or via e-mail to request for more in formation.