FAQ - Other 

About ECT 

You find eductional information about ECT in menu ‘About ECT’ under menu item ‘Eductional information’. This information is only available in Dutch. In this menu you find information for example about the different kind of container types, which vessels are handled by ECT and more about the history of ECT.

You find the keyfigures in menu ‘About ECT’ > ‘The Company’ under menu item ‘Keyfigures’. And also at every ECT Terminal page of menu ‘Terminals’.

In menu ‘Terminals’ > ‘Rotterdam Terminals’ and ‘Inland Terminals’ you find more information of all terminals of ECT. If you click at a specific ECT terminal you find more information of the container terminal, like keyfigures and facilities.

You find the Purchase Conditions in menu ‘About ECT’ > ‘ECT Organization’ under menu item ‘Purchase Conditions’.